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The Art of George Scribner: The Panama Canal Paintings


"Scribner is a master storyteller. His work transforms the treacherous construction sites of the Canal Zone into narratives of man and machine that are full of atmosphere, texture and subtle color.   There is real emotion in his work that communicates the sacrifice, innovation and insane persistence needed to build this wonder of the modern world.”


—Don Hahn,

Producer of Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King.




“I know all fans of Dave, and George, and great human endeavors captured in art, will treasure this collection.”


–Bob Weis,

Imagineering Global Ambassador,

Walt Disney Imagineering


Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer—The Making of Disneyland:

From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond



“Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer—The Making of Disneyland: From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond by David A. Bossert tells the story of one of the most influential, yet unassuming players to have helped Walt Disney achieve success, creating an impact in the creative company that left ripples across the ages. . .  The prose is not just excellent but enticing and gorgeous, and David A. Bossert has the exceptional ability to communicate compelling imagery, arresting the attention of readers with a voice that is irresistible. Readers will enjoy this book, from the Foreword by Coats’ son to the eye-catching, colorful work of the artist. Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer is the perfect portrait of the man who gave Walt’s work its pulse and creative energy, and fans of Disneyland will be thrilled to have this book on their shelves. It is a biographical work that is as engaging as it is entertaining.”

— Reviewed by David Reyes, The Book Commentary




“Claude Coats brought joy to people who perhaps didn’t even know who he was. Bossert’s book shines a bright light on this talented, unassuming creative whose contributions literally helped make Disneyland the great place on earth that it is. What a special story so very deserving of being told!”


— Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards




“One of the finest Disney titles I have read in recent years; what a masterful piece of work that chronicles Claude's career and details great insights into the attractions/projects he worked on.”


– Brett Nachmann, PhD.,

Notably Disney Podcast



"…Claude Coats was Walt’s renaissance man…an insightful look at a remarkable Disney artist.”


–Floyd Norman,

Animator, Writer, and Disney Legend.





“This book is filled with unheard tales and never-before-seen photos tracing Coats’ earliest days at Disney

on through to the golden era of Disneyland.”


—Tom K. Morris,





“In the pantheon of Imagineers who worked directly with Walt Disney, Claude Coats stands tall… Long deserving of a dedicated book about his work at WED, Coats was a master creator who drove the designs behind a plethora of Disneyland classics.”


–Christopher Merritt, author of

Marc Davis In His Own Words:

                                                                                             Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks




“… Claude Coats, once a background painter, was the master of ride environments… His work with Walt is presented here in rich detail and insightful writing, a story that moves from the early Disney films up to the Haunted Mansion.”


– Todd James Pierce, Author of

Three Years in Wonderland: The Disney Brothers, C. V. Wood,

and the Making of the Great American Theme Park





“Claude Coats was a very special kind of pioneer-artist-designer and it’s never too late to celebrate that!”


– Peggie Fariss, Creative Executive (retired),

                                                                                                                 Walt Disney Imagineering


3D Disneyland: Like You've Never Seen It Before


“A classic coffee table book is produced well enough to handle many touches and provide easy entertainment for both the casual browser and someone taking a more dedicated interest. Bossert's book perfectly fits this description. This collection consists of nearly one hundred 3D photos taken at Disneyland… Bossert's book includes a great introduction that not only gives additional background on those who helped produce the book and their ties to Disney but also helps the reader get a better understanding of how 3D photographs work… This book will pique the interest of those who see it sitting out… dons the glasses, and takes a virtual trip through the ages at Disneyland.”


— The US Review of Books




"3D Disneyland has the WOW! factor, covering the history of Disneyland in a unique way by utilizing three dimensional photographs of the theme park, most of which were taken by Disney special effects animator Ted Kierscey. This book will bring back great memories for anyone who has attended Disneyland in years past. It is also a fantastic resource for younger Disney fans that want to be immersed in the theme park’s history. If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or others, this book comes highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of Walt Disney.”


—Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program





"When do you get a chance to travel in time and see Disneyland like it was in years past? Ted Kierscey’s 3D photos do just that, and it’s magical!”


—Don Hahn, Award-Winning Producer of Beauty and the Beast,

                                                                The Lion King, Waking Sleeping Beauty, and Howard.





"These photos are a real treat; you not only feel like you’re there but get a fascinating glimpse of history viewing the theme park in that era. Unlike any images, I've ever seen of Disneyland. The trains are always my favorite!”


—George Scribner, Director of Oliver & Company,

                                                                 Prince and the Pauper, and Imagineering consultant.




“Nancy and Dave Bossert’s book of vintage 3-D photos of Disneyland is a timely

antidote for our stressful times. In these immersive pictures that time-trip us back to Walt Disney’s mid-20th century wonderland, the theme park that revolutionized family entertainment is once again open for business.”


—John Canemaker, Oscar®-winning filmmaker,

                                                                                                              NYU professor, author.




“The exceptional stereo images on the pages of Dave Bossert’s 3D Disneyland: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before transported me back to the excitement I felt like a wide-eyed kid on Park Opening Day in July 1955. These immersive photos showcase a park ever-changing, adding new attractions over the decades. Each of the 3D images, never before published, are windows on Disneyland in remarkable realistic depth. For Park fans of all ages, here is your Fast Pass to skip the queue line. Reach out and touch the excitement of 3D Disneyland!”


—Alan Coats, Imagineer (Ret.)



"Enjoy diving into this collection of veteran Disney special effects animation master Ted Kierscey's stereoscopic photos of Disneyland. I suspect Walt himself might get a kick out of these as they, in a fashion like his finest creations, use both art and technology to immerse us in a fantastic, reimagined world. In this case, with the subject being Disneyland itself, and with some pictures dating back to Disneyland's earliest days, Ted's three-dimensional photos work like a time machine out of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells and really put us smack in the middle of another age with all the nostalgia, exhilaration, and sense of discovery of Walt's visionary imagination. The viewer isn't just along for the ride. He or she IS the ride!!"


—John Musker, Producer/Co-director The Little Mermaid,

                                                                                   Aladdin, Hercules and Moana

Kem Weber: Mid-Century Furniture Designs for the Disney Studios


“These designs and pieces of furniture served as an iconic hallmark of the Disney Animation Studios for decades… With stunning historical photographs, testimonials, insights from the people who spent their time working on these unique pieces of furniture, and concept illustrations by Weber himself, this book unveils yet another chapter in the storied history of the Disney Studios… all the knowledge that’s out there about the Disney culture and all the people who clamor for any new detail, it’s surprising to see a book like this release with so much new information to pore over. It stems from the ideal source, however, what with Bossert’s firsthand accounts, company contacts and relationships, and his desire to share the Disney history… it may seem like a very niche, specific topic, the level of design and craftsmanship will catch the eye of buffs of architecture, design, animation, woodworking, or simply striking aesthetics.”


— The US Review of Books




“This is a beautiful book, and I’m sorry I don’t get to keep it.  I’ve rarely seen a book where the color images were reproduced with as much care (and expense) as here; I especially enjoyed looking at Kem Weber’s concept design artwork at the beginning of each chapter.

When I picked up the book, I assumed that most of what I would be doing was looking at the images—judging, for example, whether they had been introduced to me in a reasonable order (and I certainly found that they were).  Even with the introduction, however, I found myself drawn into the writing, in the story of his decision to write the book and his experience with Disney, as well as the interviews and the description of the writer’s detective work to find where the furniture had gone.  It certainly says something about Walt Disney, that he would commission such remarkable furniture for his workers.

I also found myself learning about the animation process… I appreciate the cover design and the blurbs.  Very impressive.”


Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards






“Worthy addition to the Disney mythos. Lovers of the evolution of functional design will benefit from this documentation of Kem Weber work. Lovers of all things Disney will enjoy the stories accompanying the history of these designs. This book is just the right length for the topic with no fluff. Appropriate cover design, professional editing, layout and final product. Well-illustrated, engaging narrative and a pleasure to read. Top notch.”


Nonfiction Writers Association




“Mapping the intersection of utility and style, this book examines the architecture and furniture of Kem Weber and how his aesthetic complimented the working culture of Disney Studios. Furthermore, it can be read as a narrowly focused exploration of how Weber’s work within Disney can be seen as a broader reflection of the working culture of the time and the industry itself. Mixing anecdotes with images and design specifications, the book is, at times, a meditation on the paradox of style and how the sheer ubiquity that accompanies success makes the designer invisible–until he is not. For example, the author showcases Weber’s, now iconic, Air Line chair, which was cycled in and out the Disney studios for decades before becoming a sought-after collector’s item. Pairing original illustrations, photographs and descriptions of Weber’s furniture alongside anecdotes from the artists who worked on it provides insight into the rare genius who can bring their aesthetics in line with utility in such a way that their work is used and valued across generations.”


— The Eric Hoffer Award Judges Commentary

as published in The US Review of Books



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons


“We all owe Dave Bossert a tremendous debt for his determined efforts to find and restore the missing films from Oswald’s first year. Now, in this richly illustrated volume, Dave shares the details of those films, as well as the adventure of rescuing them from obscurity.”


—JB Kaufman, film historian

and coauthor of Walt in Wonderland and

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies




“A thoroughly entertaining history of Disney’s forgotten cartoon star of the 1920s. Tracing the character’s whereabouts over the last ninety years, author Bossert documents all of the Disney-created Oswald silent-screen comedies, his long-lost exile, and his ‘lucky’ rediscovery in recent years and examines the rabbit’s pivotal place in Disney history. Important new research—a vital read for those who think they already know the whole Disney studio story. Bravo!”


— Jerry Beck, animation historian





“Disney history is a huge and intriguing jigsaw puzzle. Every day brings discovery of new pieces; every day gives us a better sense of the whole. For years, many of the Oswald cartoons were considered as permanently lost. Thanks to the efforts of Dave Bossert and David Gerstein most of them have now been rediscovered. The story of their quest and of the cartoons themselves is a fascinating one; this book is a page-tuner and a ‘must have’ for Disney historians and animation enthusiasts alike.”


—Didier Ghez, author of

They Drew as They Pleased—The Hidden Art of Disney’s Golden Age and

 They Drew as They Pleased—The Hidden Art of Disney’s Musical Years.






“Never before has so much unique Oswald the Lucky Rabbit information been collected in one publication and shared with the general public. This book is chock-full of careful research, documentation, and compiled by Bossert and Gerstein—and I highly recommend it both to film history scholars and casual animation fans alike.”


—Tommy José Stathes, early animation historian




The Art of Tennessee Loveless:

The Mickey Mouse TEN x TEN x TEN Contemporary Pop Art Series


“The Art of Tennessee Loveless: The Mickey Mouse TEN x TEN x TEN Contemporary Pop Art Series book by David A. Bossert tells the story of a boy from Georgia who lives in a world of severe colorblindness and how he transformed into an acclaimed pop artist known for painting with bold vivid color. It’s an inspiring story of triumph over adversity as Tennessee Loveless never gave up on his dream to be an artist. I particularly enjoy the details in many of the paintings, look closely at “Waltopia” and you will find the entire life story of Walt Disney in one painting.”


—Mark Gorog



Dali and Disney: Destino

(Limited Edition)


“For fans it is no surprise, and for students it should be a lesson, that there is no better source for what we were up to in the latter era of Disney Animation than Dave Bossert.  Roy Disney’s trusted colleague and a deep veteran of countless films, Dave has the clearest POV on all things Disney Animation of anyone I know.”


— Tom Schumacher, President

Disney Theatrical Productions



Dali and Disney: Destino


“Dave Bossert gives us an insider’s look at the production of a paramount achievement in animation and art. We learn about the culture of Disney studios through the years and the remarkable meeting of Disney and Dali which comes to feel destined. Further we get original insights into the character of Dali – at once, agreeable, hard-working, as well as eccentric.”

— Hank Hine, Executive Director,

The Dali in St. Petersburg, FL




“Walt Disney and Salvador Dali were among Andy Warhol’s favorites and he probably would have loved their collaborative film, Destino.  Certainly the marriage of art and commerce, painting and film that Destino represents was at the center of Warhol’s artistic practice.  Dave Bossert lovingly reconstructs the decades spent conceiving, executing and eventually bringing the film to the screen.  Perhaps most moving and important, however, is the evident pride the contemporary Disney team took in bringing the project to fruition.  As Bossert quotes Roy Disney regarding Destino, “Our roots are in art, in that side of the world rather the commercial side. It’s important that we keep remembering that.”


— Patrick Moore, Deputy Director,

The Andy Warhol Museum




“It is truly an amazing sight when giants collide. Sometimes, they fight. Sometimes, they make beautiful art together. Dave Bossert gives us a delightful glimpse into two spectacular lives. Few know that the splendiferous surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí and the towering American icon, Walt Disney, collaborated to make the Destino film. Bossert’s book is a compelling and mirthful behind-the-scenes look at genius, hijinx, American culture and these two seemingly worlds-apart epic souls.”


— John Boston, Author

'Naked Came the Sasquatch' and 'Adam Henry'

Journalist and Will Rogers Lifetime

Humanitarian Achievement Award recipient




Remembering Roy E. Disney


“Roy Disney’s story reads like a movie script: sailor, filmmaker, and shy nephew of an American legend, who changes the course of the ailing family business, and saves an art form in the process. Dave Bossert captures the amazing life of this quite gentleman who really did make dreams come true.”


—Don Hahn, Legendary Producer




“Roy Disney’s passion and love for the work we did at Walt Disney Animation Studios was infectious, and no one from the animation world spent more time with him in the final decade than Dave Bossert. This collection serves as a great reminder as well as an inspiration for all of us who knew him, admired him, and loved him.”


—Thomas Schumacher, President,
Disney Theatrical Productions



An Animator’s Gallery:

Eric Goldberg Draws the Disney Characters


“The book is a beauty and Eric's drawings are very enjoyable. Not a "must have" for Disney historians but a great gift for casual Disney fans. Dave Bossert and Eric Goldberg have produced a very good book.”


—Didier Ghez, Author and President

The Hyperion Historical Alliance




“The book is a wonderful celebration of the creations of the artists of the Walt Disney Company done by an artist who is... at one time... an historian who understands the characters, a draftsman who can pose the characters in iconic fashion, and a story man who has created some of the most fascinating characters in the Disney universe. The author of the book is also a Disney artist who has helped Disney with its celebrations and made these wonderful drawings accessible to Disney fans.”


—Ross Anderson, Amazon Review


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